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And, of course, he had yet to find his new hosts. I find it more difficult to make a case for them not being a couple. Simon - not really. Regarding the poster who keeps asking for evidence; if you listen to Ryan's radio show, he often talks about time he has spent with Simon - private time which is not photographed. Right after Ryans twitter about his merry and gay weekend with his family and boo.

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Lot's of people have said they are gay; only the Enquirer has suggested they are a couple.

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Oscars: E! Considers Red Carpet Delay Given Ryan Seacrest Allegations

They are going to want facts from a person in the know, and any rumours are going to have to be well sourced. Name all the women preceding his "beard" Terri. Adam Lambert is openly gay, and doing well - already has a lot of fans, judges, including Simon, and Ryan seems to love him heard his interview with Adam and others from his group, and Ryan definitely favored Adam. There are two kinds of people in this world. It is so fun this year to watch Idol because along with the talented contestants ie Adam we now can watch for the love between the two real stars Ryan and Simon and the fake manipulations of Simon's attraction to Paula, Terri, Meghan, etc. But don't let him know that I'm worried about him, or he'll just close down. We can offer to keep it to ourselves, if he agrees to leave us alone.

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Ryan is a host, and he's always open to the public. Can anybody tell me what's the basis for all this Saula obsession? R I thought this whole story with Merv was pretty strange. After all, it'll be their ass in a lawsuit as well. R, I think it's absolutely normal questons - and they demonstrated that Ryan and Anderson not buddies, like some people thought. C'mon, you don't have to be born in the 70's to know that. Ryan and Simon wouldn't be where they are if they weren't doing something right and, in Simon's case, is also doing it well outside of America.