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Can you wash my privates off. Wow that is Huge. Well I lived in a good world back then before S. Well Commander I am going to take your testicles for myself since you ate mine. What do u want to tell me commander.

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Okay Sky i deserved it.

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Well lick on it and suck on it. Okay our Guy is not to far away. He was Gekiranger's mentor and often gave him riddles and had them do menial work to help them develop their training to fulfill tasks. Then we will Sky. How about the Blue Ranger.

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Go ahead Commander, make me your Bitch. Well I was telling jack what he knows about you. How was you parent Doggie? Well you still getting on me because i got picked as the Red Ranger. I won't unless you tell me to. Why don't you do a little thing to it.

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