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The next time you wade into a stream or step onto a flats skiff with your angling gear, take a moment to recognize the contributions made by so many. Completed in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Lectures and opening sales events will take place September 7 and 8. Renovations on the gallery space are set to begin in early September. Discounted season tickets are available.

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The completely refurbished executive office car with accommodations for family travel as well, includes state rooms, a dining salon, self-contained kitchen and staff quarters, sleeping accommodations for 18 and an observation area at the rear of the car.

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Vermont Artisans by Name

The ratification of the US constitution making Vermont the 14th state, the first after the original 13, took place in the first meetinghouse in Vermont in Old Bennington. A new compost bin system for larger scale composting will be started this fall and work will commence on a year round greenhouse, representing only a small portion of the greater commitment to agricultural and ecological sustainability and education to be found in the dene. Demonstration and 30 minute glasscutting lessons start at 11am and 3pm on October 4th and 5th, The Laumeister Fine Art Competition, now in its fifth year, will be juried by Peter Trippi editor of Fine Art Connoisseur and has become known as one of the best representational competitions in the country with work by not only established artists but new talent as well. When it comes to family, as is the case in the home of many a son, a remembrance of Dad is often found. These voices are portrayed within the historical context of a timeline, between the Emancipation Proclamation in and the Civil Rights Movement in

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T he Bennington Arts Guild is always worth a visit with its wide range of reasonably priced art and craft items, all created by artist members who co-own and operate the gallery at South Street, near the crossroads in downtown Bennington. New York may have had the better legal claim but Governor Wentworth was quicker to act. Check website for operating hours. The gestation period for a female bison is days. The processes are repeated hundreds even thousands of times, yet each piece is as fresh and new as if it were the very first one made. Listen to the birds calling gently to one another or perhaps observe a moose and her calves lumbering to the waterside for a drink! Chris Morrow, bookstore co-owner, has long had a commitment to environmental issues.

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