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Routine musculoskeletal ultrasound findings impact diagnostic decisions maximally in autoantibody-seronegative early arthritis patients. Support Center Support Center. There are at least two plausible out-of-Africa routes of dispersal towards eastern Asia—a northern inland route through the Middle East and a southern coastal route via Arabia and India Bulbeck, ; Cavalli-Sforza et al. The inner circle corresponds to the subset that excludes known relatives. Published online Sep 8. Formal testing based on a more diverse sample from Oceania will be useful for assessing the relative importance of early migrations from Africa and more recent interaction with populations from East Asia. Except for the combination of Africa, Eurasia and East Asia, the combination of Africa, Eurasia and Oceania has more private alleles than any other three-region combination.

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Genetic structure of human populations.

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For a given locus, the smallest number of observations in one of the population groupings under consideration specifies the largest value of g possible to use for private allelic richness and generalized private allelic richness computations at that locus. Field JS, et al. Pubic osteomyelitis and malignant neoplasm were considered, and for this reason needle bone biopsy and culture were performed. Model 1 might potentially receive greater support given more data from Southeast Asia, and the observed low level of private alleles for the combination of Oceania and East Asia might have resulted from limited sampling in these regions. A theory of a single main migration out of Africa ultimately reaching Oceania proposes a recent dispersal of modern humans from sub-Saharan Africa into Eurasia, replacing earlier archaic humans. In any case, the use of the rarefaction approach to examine alleles private to combinations of populations can produce novel observations that augment those obtained from other methods of data analysis, and that can form the basis for hypothesis tests with increasingly complex evolutionary models.

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Thank you for submitting a comment on this article. Support from the relationship of genetic and geographic distance in human populations for a serial founder effect originating in Africa. Bone culture was negative. First, assessing alleles private to combinations of populations can assist in dealing with sampling designs that are uneven. The number of alleles private to various combinations of geographic regions as a fraction of the total, using a subset of the data excluding relatives. The southern dispersal hypothesis and the South Asian archaeological record: Repeating this sampling, we produced simulated datasets, each consisting of diploid individuals per region at each of the loci.

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