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Too much fiber can dehydrate you and cause cramps and hemorrhoids, so do not take more than the recommend dose. And a shower after together is great: The volume is also smaller so you are less likely to overdo it. If you choose this option, be very careful. Use lubricant on the nozzle for safer insertion. I cannot stress this enough:

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Fisting — inserting the whole hand into the anus — tends to draw gasps from people who are not into it, gay men included.

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How to Clean Your Ass Before Anal Sex

I'm in genuine shock. My sex life did not really begin until a friend told me he has a latex allergy and suggested maybe that was my problem as well. If you are repeatedly having uncomfortable sex and your hole feels like it is burning or badly irritated every time you use latex condoms, try a non-latex condom made of Polyisoprene read: Good cleaning is also about relaxing your ass muscles and getting comfortable with the feeling of being penetrated before you start play. Test the water temperature first with your hand and turn down the temperature until it feels lukewarm. I do not shame barebacking because most of my sex is bare and condom-less.

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Cum itself for many guys is the fetish, so being a cum dump kind of the ultimate goal for someone who fetishizes cum itself. If your post fits one of our weekly threads, you may be prompted to post in that stickied weekly thread instead. I have not had the same good results from fiber capsules as I have from Metamucil, but some guys might. Some guys do a pre-sex check with a lubed finger, but I do not trust my fingers, which are shorter than most of dicks I want to take. Do not try to hold it in. Gently and slowly stick the nozzle up your butt and gently, slowly squeeze the bulb.

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