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The Frame's John Horn spoke with Knight about why he wanted to become a stop-motion animator, the challenges of running a company and directing his first feature film at the same time, and the lack of Asian voice actors in a film that's set in Japan. The themes that it deals with — loss and grief. Set before the recent set of robot movies, the new film will see what the autobot was up to in the s. Kubo is a young boy, living secluded with his mother inside a mountain. Each day he goes to the nearby village and tells stories, using his magic to enact them to the villagers with moving origami figures. Kubo lost an eye in the attack, but he and his mother managed to escape.

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He tells the story of his heroic father, who was killed trying to save Kubo from his evil grandfather, the Moon King.

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New Bumblebee featurette shines the spotlight on director Travis Knight

Film School Rejects Toggle navigation. Being both an artist and an executive, being someone who's creating the work and someone who is overseeing it and guiding the company, I think that that can create a certain degree of tension, but it's something that I've been doing for a long while. Gay topics were taboo among even a few years ago, but Portland social media and social TV strategist Carri Bugbee notes that Laika is far from alone today in incorporating the issues in its advertising. Polls show a slim majority of Americans now favor allowing gay couples to marry following years of overwhelming opposition. But Laika featured a gay character in its last film, last year's zombie flick "ParaNorman," and Nike has been a vocal supporter of gay rights.

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