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After Wally made one particularly deep thrust with his mouth, Eddie spontaneously lost his load. He was as hard as a rock since he left Eddie's house and to add insult to injury, hadn't jacked off for a full week. He tentatively swirled his tongue over Wally's amazingly hard prick and then let the entire cockhead slide down his throat. Wally got on his knees and stared intently at Beaver's very hard eight incher sticking out of his pure white boxer shorts. Please type in the security code You may also listen to a recording of the characters. It's free so why not? Ward was so hard the left leg of his boxer shorts was two inches shorter than the right.

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The baggy trousers fell to the floor, exposing a pair of white Jockey Life trim cut boxers just like Gilbert's.

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Five questions about Leave it to Beaver

That must have been a much more wide spread rumor than I thought if it made it into SNL. Change picture Your current user avatar, all sizes: I have to get something out of the laundry. All the shit they told you on Sunday school is big load of horseshit…" "But God, why I have to suffer for your own amusement? Shelley Winters started the rumor that Mikey the Life Cereal kid died. Eddie cursed like a madman with his eyes tightly shut.

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Last week Wally and Beaver had lost their allowances because Beaver forgot to finish doing the laundry. Whitey and Gilbert, show us your underwear! Don Grady was so fucking hot. Their mother was a talent agent, known as Mary Grady. I want you guys to take care of me again! Ward spit on his dick several times, then put the peterhead at the entrance to Wally's fuckchute.

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