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All rights reserved. When I heard that he and his wife had a child, I sent them the nicest greeting card. In a lot of ways, this show is more influential than a Kevin Hart tweet or stand-up joke from For context, the tweets that cost Kevin Hart his Oscars hosting job were from and It's a pretty clear sign that this country has gone way below rock bottom when a show as transphobic, xenophobic, and homophobic as Family Guy is taking the moral high ground against the President of the United States. Appel said that any show on the air 20 years Family Guy first aired on Jan.

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The show has very recently made a number of homophobic jokes.

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On Grindr, at least they get right to the point. But the show's producers are backing up this claim in the show. Deep voice, sexy.

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At my high school, the reality show would have been called Personal Injury Lawsuit for the Straight Guy.

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