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New York and Pumkin start going at it. Sister Patterson found the ring and said it was too small. Boston got into a fight with Chance, Romance scared New York by telling her he wanted to replace his dead dog, Rico called New York "mi negrita" my little black girl --a term of endearment in Spanish-speaking countries that greatly offended New York, and Chance got into an argument with New York's mother and yelled at her in a drunken stupor. Now I'm just rooting for Real. Wood came up to calm Whiteboy down as well.

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During the excursion on the ranch, Real and Chance's mother impressed upon her sons that affection for New York should not drive their brotherhood to odds.

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David Amerman

With I Love Moneyeveryday you thought you might get eliminated. She kind of threw out that she knew what you had said once you were eliminated. New York talked about how she thought there was a vibe between Real and his ex-girlfriend. New York emerged in a tiara and asked the six remaining men if they were ready to party. Dave Amerman is a funny guy. Bonez was eliminated because New York said she didn't want to corrupt him. I was so sad when he got eliminated

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I Love New York. She really does like him. While driving the Cadillac -styled golf cart, New York drove into a sprinkler system and wrecked into another cart. Where Boston would have otherwise carried the day, his concession to Chance's overt psychological dress-down cost him his on-screen dignity. Boston's bloody noseand Mr.

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