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According to a soon-to-be released National Congregations Study by Duke University sociologist Mark Chaves, 48 percent of the 1, congregations surveyed nationally, including Christian churches, synagogues, mosques and Hindu temples, accept as members gays and lesbians who are in committed relationships. For Gorsline, it was during communion, when a lay person blessed the elements and prayed. And when you move from a family-size church to the next step, there's conflict, and when you move from a pastor-size church to a program-size church [with paid staffers], there's conflict. Past Issues. Madison Temple Ame Zion Church 1. And despite MCC's history, "You don't have to be gay.

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As she and Taylor, 24, began visiting other churches. A slender 5 feet, 9 inches tall with sleek, subtly highlighted light-brown hair, a low voice and large hands with polished nails, she says she stands out, even at MCC. Bruce says that Perry, MCC's founder, didn't want someone to miss communion, even if they came to just one service.

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Arthur Runyon, to try to attract more women and African-Americans.

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