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He's a true testament that what we see on the outside is not always what's happening on the inside. Then, the Britney video happened a year later, and the thing that started to free me then start to trap me. How do you handle those who question your sincerity? Crocker has expressed discontent with the LGBT community not understanding his genderbending and accompanying gender expression or gender identity: I'm going to make the leap from outhouses to bathhouses I thought the rainbow was supposed to represent every shade, not just the most masculine shades. Following his mainstream success, Crocker gradually began to change his image from feminine to masculine, eventually having adopted a predominantly masculine appearance by and thereby garnering significant attention for being physically attractive.

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What will be different for you when that "storm" passes?

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Real Talk With Chris Crocker

He felt that people should accept all of him instead of only the masculine side of him, and that dating is difficult because "[the guys] can't always accept that [he] used to dress up or that that's a part of [him] still and that [he still dresses up]. It was just me speaking my mind, and it was the beginning of my on my gender journey. Link too recent for Internet archiving use. You always find a way to keep going. First people were stripping me of my sincerity when I made the "Leave Britney Alone" video. Don't love me in spite of who I am, love me for who I am.

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Crocker gained fame in September from his viral video "Leave Britney Alone! On May 23,rock band Weezer released a viral music video for their song " Pork and Beans " — "a natural anthem for the self-expression that's been taking shape on YouTube" — which featured various mash-ups of viral videos and YouTube celebritiesincluding Crocker, all playing themselves. Although his video defending Britney Spears drew the attention of the wider public, Crocker had already become one of the most-watched video producers on MySpace and YouTube, having gathered what MSNBC described as a " cult following ". I preach about not caring what other people think. Crocker released his first single, "Mind in the Gutter," in

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